HyperSocks - Internet-Connected Smart Socks

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  • Product Designer
  • Jul 16, 2016
  • good old pencil & paper, Sketch, Principle, Invision
HyperSocks is a conceptual internet-connected socks company. Their socks are very smart - they can detect when they’re clean in the dresser, when they’re being worn and when they’re dirty in the hamper. Most importantly, if a sock goes inexplicably missing (as socks do), the app will alert you to its location.

Early Sketches

At this stage, I want to figure out a basic workflow and the main functionality of each screen. What came out was an Overview to show the pair of socks that user is currently wearing; a Detail view to present metadata such as cleanliness, when it was last washed and the location of each pair of socks; a Friends view to make wearing socks into a social event, while indirectly drives the traffics into a Shopping view.

Design Elements

Because socks usually have very vibrant color and interesting patterns, I want to keep the design elements as unobtrusive as possible while keeping them fresh and friendly. A cyan blue against a white background would make it fresh and crisp; Avenir Next, a typeface with a wide range of font weights and high x-height, would give a friendly impression to our users.

Find Missing Socks

One of the most innovative functionality that HyperSocks has is the ability to find a lost sock. Inspired by radar images of satellite oceanography, HyperSocks uses a Bluethooth radar (it exists!) to search for the missing sock nearby user’s phone.

Social Shopping

HyperSocks helps like-minded people to share and shop. Users can easily find a pair of quirky socks that their friends and families are wearing in the HyperSocks online store.

Disclaimer: socks images are from my favorite socks company Happy Socks.
About Me

Hello, my name is Amie Chen and I'm a UI designer & developer.

I started off as a UI/UX designer, became a front-end developer and now a backend developer working on distributed system.

At HighGround, I led a design team of 3 to create a holistic experience of our brand. Since the company was small, I wore many hats -- though greatly enjoyed it -- from brand identity to application design. My responsibilities included brainstorming/wireframing concepts, creating low/high-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes, developing front-end infrastructure of the web & mobile applications; conducting monthly user research.

In Jan 2015 I joined Signal’s front-end team and worked on the main segmentation UI. Now I have moved on to one of the back-end teams to get my hands dirty on the server-side applications and to polish my linux chops. Since Signal really values language-agnostic tech stacks, I had the chance to work on entire spectrum of the product - from what users interact with to what huge scale back-end service supports the whole ecosystem.

Work & Experience

  • Software Engineer - Signal
  • Creative Lead - HighGround
  • UI Developer - Echo Global Logistic

Skills & Knowledge

  • Wireframing
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • Invision/Principle
  • Framer.js
  • Javascript/Node.js
  • Backbone/Angular.js
  • Linux/Bash/Python
  • Vagrant
  • MySQL/MongoDB