Let's build 10 products in 2018

Apr 17, 2018

Whether it’s small or large, open or closed source, desktop or mobile, I deeply enjoy creating stuff. The idea of completing a project excites me (though in reality it never “completes”); the process of figuring out how to break a problem then solving it one by one puts me in the flow state.

Also, I like to do things on my own terms :)

Therefore, I set a goal to build 10 products from the ground up in 2018. Why 10? because 6 weeks per project seems just about right to go from ideate to ship. It seems like a challenging yet achievable goal.

My plan is simple: focus on building good things, and share it on my ProductHunt & twitter profiles. So far I’ve pushed two:

Sharing progress is also new to me: I tend to share only when things go well (perfectionist? thin skin? pride?) and I’d like to change that. Past experience has taught me it’s way more valuable to gain early feedbacks during the ideate phase. These projects will need lots of your feedbacks and inputs to be good.

That’s it — I will share what I’ve learned in 10 blog posts. So stay tuned!